The following are some words to encourage a more peaceful, neutral view there are many times/circumstances in life when it might be best to take this perception with one or more grains of salt.


Before someone is a man, woman, white, black,  sick, healthy, in hate or love,  foolish or wise, they’re a person. A person is always capable of bettering their future self and the world around them.

If the habits/things/thoughts which bring happiness are also ones that are damaging to yourself and/or others, its time to try to change your belief structure

When warm summer days become cold winter nights, what choice do you have but to look where your money goes and how your heart grows  and ask yourself, “is this the right choice for my future?”

Suffering can be an investment that strengthens oneself. It can show you how much better you can be.

All are capable and guilty of being dumb confused animals at times; displaying a lack of one’s full intellectual potential. Everyone is largely bred by emotions, beliefs, prejudices, etc. but we’re all capable of becoming better people.

Those who are seen as “bad” should acknowledge that some brains were grown by confused people addicted to hate; our parents, teachers and predecessors passing down their confusion and prejudice resulting in the blockage of happiness most of the time. But we don’t have to give into the same habits and ideas from the past. feeding hateful thoughts/habits harms you, your legacy, and can limit the future world. It’s fruitful to feed righteous thoughts which make your future self/world better and healthier.

“Human brains can become so warped, sustenance can take many forms of death. Try to walk away from pain and forgive . You’re so special. You will be loved most when you’re making the most right decisions. Cleanse your mind and body to discover true happiness, greatness, and improve your legacy.”

Never be ashamed of mistakes in the past. The only shame should lie in the fact that you never try to better yourself nor your worlds future.

Forgiving a person could be hurtful, but forgiving and then learning from hardships and damaging events will allow a better chance for self growth and for happiness.

The decency that comes with healthy thought, honorable actions, and mathematics is what binds and elevates mankind. DNA and circumstance is what separates us.

Does math govern all? Do you think your free will can be governed by mathematics? Why or y not? Would it be nice that if all the things you love and hate, were seen as a product of mathematics since all are enslaved to the same law of decision/law of reaction that you are?

Remember the penny/feather/gravity  experiment from school. Remember how it displayed the laws of gravity treated all objects equally? Then think about a 5 year old dying from a terminal disease vs a 105yr old man dying from old age. Think about how unfair the laws of reality can be to consciousness. Yet, we just discussed how the laws of reality are fair and just to all objects. How can the 2 possibilities reconcile? Maybe, the only way is that one singular consciousness occupies both entities. Then, and only then, life is equal and fair to all consciousness?

The most valuable challenge in life is realizing, and trying to modify your emotions and desires into thoughts that benefit your future and the world at the same time.

Regular Exercise brings improved chemical production and can increase happiness.

Tone/volume of voice is 30-70% of communication.

Nothing is for free. A breath costs energy. happiness costs at least ACTIVE GENUINE MENTAL EFFORT OF THE IMAGINATION.

If you get stressed, yelling/screaming into a pillow or punching a pillow for several minutes can be a great release.


There is such a myriad of desire/prejudice towards so many beliefs. Whether those beliefs are represented in people, religions, habits, circumstances, whether one loves or hates each, wouldn’t it be nice if you could forgive each and one could just blame all problems in their life on singular thought; the “mathematics of inferior/prejudiced past vs circumstance of reality caused my pain” so that consciousness can move forward with clarity from forgiveness?

Focusing on a belief gives power to that belief over an individual. What would focusing on the belief “I must cleanse the system of my thought for the best future” produce”? What is the cost for cleansing the system of one’s thought? What is the prize for cleaning the system of ones thought? Your soul deserves a brain which owns the best possible beliefs.

The blind obedience to money, power, religion, people, and substance abuse should be challenged.  Only obey the math which offers the best possible future for as many as possible

if you dishonor your body, your world, or those around you, some people will have no choice but to wish you harm.

Why chase normal ideals of success which equate to only your life being better when you can chase words and choices which leave behind a legacy that will equate to a better world for everyone from you. What could you/they become?

The best time of your life can always be in the future because maybe that’s when you learn to love most.

The right words and time can change almost anything.

“Sticks and stones may break bones but words can transform minds, hearts, souls, and what’s shown”.

Remind all religions’ family members, especially the world’s Most Holy Father (Pope Francis), nuns, your local site of worship family, workers, and all people affiliated wiih any and every religion that you are so grateful for all  their sacrifices, words, choices, and prayers. Please tell them you will pray  that they receive everthing they have ever wanted and will want/need.

Remind your law enforcement and political leaders that you’re so grateful for their service, sacrifices, you will pray for them as well as the fact that “God is everywhere, including within the people you investigate and don’t like”. It might just save someone’s life.

Learn the words/messages of the Bible and other Holy books. God is everywhere including and especially all religion but there are only 2 human beings verified as God; Mary of Nazareth and her son.

When man can never give or find justice, God will always make up for in time. What God’s plan seems to lack in your life. Mary of Nazareth and Jesus Christ can make up for. Embrace this truth and allow this permanent, positive timemotion to enter and stay with you forever.

Instead of always praying for what you want, pray for the well-being of God, God’s family, all of heaven, and that they receive everything they could ever want.

When you feel intense feelings of revenge, recognize that they’re products of sub-optimal beliefs.

Acknowledge all human beings suffer from sub-optimal beliefs. Let go of the hate in your heart and ask Jesus Christ, Mary of Nazareth, and all of heaven to evolve your mind and unlock your heart’s potential to love and forgive

Acknowledge the best time of your life can always be in the future because maybe that’s when your love of Christ, Mary, and God will be strongest.

Never harm or harass someone for not believing In Mary, Jesus, or God in general. If that thought or desire ever enters your heart or mind, remember that its literally from the devil tempting you to make Jesus and his mother look bad. And he laughs at you when you obey this desire.

The blind obedience to money, power, people, and substance abuse should be challenged. Only obey the math which offers the best possible future for as many as possible.

it can be difficult for a person to stop hatred of a person or group, especially if you have made the promise to hate someone many times. It can often feel righteous to have to honor those promises of hatred just because a person wants to honor their past promises. We will never call you evil for this, But when feelings of extreme hatred, jealousy or revenge arise, immediately recognize them as a product of sub optimal beliefs leading to dangerous desires nd Lucifer will literally laugh at you anytime you feed that hatred