We at mathofchrist.com want nothing more than for ALL PEOPLE to have a brain which owns the best beliefs possible. We believe that one of the best beliefs available in human existence is for people to believe that God loves you enough to die for you just so that Mary of Nazareth and her son can take away some percentage of your sin and teach you wonderful lessons. In order to accomplish this amongst all of God’s many children spread throughout so many different religions, cultures, and lands, we have devised a plan which we call

“The Tri-mmagma Plan”.

Tri-mmagma stands for “todays remedies include math, music, and gift money art”. In other words, we hope to produce a human being/and/or plan capable of auditioning a piece of work from the “3 M’s” which so many worship above Mary of Nazareth and her son; Math, Money, and Music. And in doing so, remind the human race that this plan came from them (Mary of Nazareth and her son).


For the math portion of the plan, we have these  math equations which we feel can mathematically prove that we are one in Christ and therefore, verify Jesus Christ as King of Mankind.


For the music, we have some rhymescheme poetry which we hope tickles your ears with good advice and positive messages through a decent rhyme per syllable ratio. Below is some of that poetry:


What should be shown?  dollars blown for slaughters owned from good robber’s thrones, or atone with thy scholars grown from my should doctors zone?  callers will moan, ahh-thers (others)  kill, stone for stronger chrome but still, this daughter’s wills sewn to fill her with what honor’s known? It’s silver. The fathers home. When they Drain hates bill, draw her tome,  & Men say “ flame fates skill” , fuse the time fillers, all views known, a fine biller’s tall shoes shown,  Smaller thrones, rhyme thrillers powers known,  grins, all purrs, groans,  brawler’s moans,  shrine spillers stay with me., Crimes tillers pay the fee through hours blown. a sort of leaven, fine killer, wait and see, a kind pillar, pray with me. It’s sport of heaven I’m silver AtheG 47 group 11. Cheer it’s best one, some bother to only slowly hear its lesson. Who’s the lonely infinity we see? Fuse grins spins be free it’s he! The holy  trinity; father son and Holy Spirit best one to be.

Alter ones who smear it What?   The novas infinity.

bother none who only cheer it. who? The Spirit Jehova’s Trinity.

Crime tillers pay the fee to kind pillars greatest.  I’m silver AtheGslatest

That pharaoh of Egypt sinned at the3, prayer knows, cares, shows when heslipped, 3 pinned a fee. Why? he Thought, chose “just a scarecrow; necrosis math“ then 3 said “bye! he Got those  cussed with the 3s hot dose uh locusts wrath , and now he’s clipped, stripped of Trust. how? When He Fought he said  “ there grows bliss, THRUST!”,  then 3said “send the hot!  air blows this, now he’s  dead as dust” and  received a kiss with what all’s know? 3 sheathed his fist with the just twist; the lust of the devil’s red glow as calls grow for the keys to this list to true bliss. The  level to know. hear to gird his hand, cheer, spell a gold quiz plan with flunkies in Austin, priests sinned Boston, a swell grand  dove, countries  east crossed one. dare growth makers to square oath takers;

which Tao  spanned, and of Who’s vows planned tears was heard? The chosen one told, priced  stirred in the land of sand wit love?

Was my son Christ my words iced 2 thousand years cold frozen by his hand; the man above.

the seeds of flecked light show needs to respect his reflex in night; we checked tight light text the fight’s bite next, and mights height with the 3sHex and say write, flex!  For when men plea to chase envy right from the feel, face, and care of Christ? what then’s next?  the real taste of paradise

the dime spiller, wins, luck Strut zens best text, weigh the magic 3 Hey who’s he? That sick to see? I’m silverAstrucktroughtragicG

SwellSir, Who’stheOne and can the mother earth tellJerusalem, planToSmotherbirth? Well,herjewspullfrom, the he, she or the 3? Abraham weighed the ram and knew the sum. What’s that? My dear, its staffs from the Nova’s only infinity to come. The kind pillar’s song lists sung as near sit’s the half of Jehova’s Holy Trinity’s sum. Fine silver the promised ones come. It’s done

11 rhyme rules

 Rhyme rules begun 

Tool 1  for the sake of schools or some sunny chum, align fun rhymes that make dum fools and nuns say “drool  for we dine on chymes like free wine yumyummyyum!” climb through rule 2: hand cool fuel that will instill a fine view, Use hittable syllables and fill a line through, lose missable dissables syllables that kill prime chymes. Bind tight, a Crime to not Glue ‘em right. Rule Third, pine to hear the bird who scans to see, tries teh hear kind of word heard juicy by the ear. Want  more? Shore! There sat rule 4 roar for a score that opens doors, somethin when men adore,  leaves ‘em jokin “please son, o so zen, show 10 More!?” drive in rule five stuck in a truck struck thrivin with chix cryin for the fifth time “ while you fix this line , chuck that chyme, I’ll suck on your hand KISS this shrine, pure grand BLISS and chat up “that’s 6 Tricks of rhyme shine” skip to 9 and u could snap, it’ll be fine, sit til we dip to 7, 2hands should clap!  say “then it’s good rap, but great when a sipofheaven  is mine to spit through rules 8,10, and flip11  time to quit

Puzzle Poem

Clue: What is the hidden poem that begins with 2 words collapsing into one, then begins again with a double rhyme, adds the next chyme in line and ends on the third chyme of the starting rhyme? Answer is at the very bottom of this tab

My philosophy? I fill sawantoss fly thrills to see, floss raw sly skillsforfree, spilled a saucey costly spill or3, chilled a frosty bossy Aussie with glee Why? I‘m silver AtheG as I start to explain a plan  til these  pains sit still, leaves me the main part of the next great man’s will. How? Get in a smart brain by setting the heart to sustain and son, good will be done, rain, and the key would instill, land in hand and should fill to see won, it’s history’s stain sung and future’s mystery game to come


In 2019, a man was given the goal to produce a plan for the prophecy of Christ. Some time later, God gave that man the idea of wrapping gifts with many person’s favorite gift with a piece of plastic. This thin plastic is composed of, and covered with pockets which a person places a single dollar bill in each pocket so that a human being can wrap gifts with real cash in a clean and efficient manner. We call this invention “Presidential Plastic”. Also gift bags and envelope sleeves with the same such invention attached to it which we call presidential gift bags and presidential envelope sleeves.

We could use money to fund patent protections, the hardware, workforce, and the company itself. 51% of profits will go towards a contest titled “The Merry Mary” competition in which people submit stories of good deeds they’ve done in order to win prizes in order to honor ourselves and God and the only 2 people verified as God; Mary of Nazareth and her son. It is our hope to mathematically align Santa Clause to Jesus Christ and the competition serves to remind people that all good things ultimately come from God and that this being clearly wants its unlimited goodnees to be represented through Mary of Nazareth and her son. We would like to offer 44% of the invention to anyone willing to invest their time and/or money into this company/goal. The remaining 5% we would like to keep for the inventor’s family. We were told that building the machine to produce such a piece of plastic will cost 1,000,000.00 or more.

We also have an idea which is essentially an inverse to our presidential plastic idea. People wrap candy in a piece of paper that has Good words and/or Holy advice written all over this paper. The wrapped candy is placed into an easter egg and then hidden. it is our hope to produce easter egg hunts which provide valuable information as well as a fun experience and will hopefully make church more fun for children in the future if they decide to incorporate such an idea.



All 3 ideas are blessings from Mary of Nazareth and her son with a reminder; you and everyone else deserve much better than what you’ve had so far in life.

Puzzle Poem answer= “Goodwill would instill land in hand and should fill”

Below are some tips for achieving a higher rhyme per syllable ratio while writing rhyme scheme poetry.


Start with 1 word or 1 sentence (the less syllables per sentence the easier),

Example: Its meant to be

then sentence yourself to finding all the possible rhyming words/ combination of words


Its: bits blitz fits quits etc…

Meant: bent brent cent went etc…

To: too blue grew knew etc….

Be: bee glee see free etc…


Form a line which rhymes with your original rhyme


Its meant to be

A kiss was with the  lovely three


Never get satisfied if you can see a syllable which has no rhyme. In the above example, “its”, “kiss”, “be”, and “three” have some rhyme connection but the other words do not seem to rhyme so try to alter the non rhyming syllable/word with a rhyming one. Stare at your options for some time.

Its meant to be

A kiss sent through three

As you can see, “was with the lovely” was replaced with “sent through” increasing the rhyme/syllable ratio


Try not to use the same word more than once within 20 words, unless it’s a necessary preposition.

Use attractive words for your purpose.

Repeat the process above once or more and combine the 2 or more results to form in poem. “