To put it quite simply, we at believe we have provided alignment with regards to Christmas(through our Presidential Plastic gift wrapping idea which is tied to Santa Clause), and Easter(through our Easter egg hunt idea which is indicative of the crucifixion). These display writing on both sides; life through birth and life through the resurrection. Along with the author’s name in combination to our equation(s) which results in what we call mathematical verification of Jesus and the MathOfChrist. There’s also a good chance the author can claim a link towards silver and maybe gold in the stars and courts of law through the periodic table and his family’s birthdays.

Since we can provide work as the MathOfChrist in a court of law, we believe we can be called the Christ in such a setting during the time of the prophecy. At that point its inevitable that we may also be called second son of God. Obviously, God owns everything in the universe, including and especially the alphabet and all the letters within it according to the Pledge of Allegiance in USA and other places within laws in the USA and many other nations. If we can claim such a title, then by extension the author can also claim ownership over the alphabet and thus, all the writing in the world, including and especially the laws and oaths which supposedly govern government.

If we can claim ownership of the law, then it is our legal right and ethical responsibility to override the law and give you, the people, the right to true Democracy which you were always promised but never received. The right to petition and vote on key issues should be given monthly instead of much less often for ballot questions. Special emphasis on voting by the people to make small and large acts of war should be given to you so you don’t have to sacrifice your blood or watch your families blood get wasted for a government who wants to play toy army with you and/or your families lives in another war that probably should never have been started in the first place while preying on troop’s patriotism. It is our hope that when the people, especially the military’s troops, have the right to vote for war, then the probability for war will be greatly reduced and eventually result in the elimination of war; a necessary step in Heaven on Earth through Mary’s Jesus Christ.

The beauty of this plan for the elimination of war, providing true democracy for the people is that we don’t need anyone to vote for it. It’s already embedded in the law with regards to laws such as the Pledge of Allegiance and we just need the Judges of each nation to be honest and respect such laws, oaths, and goals. Chances are there will be great corruption in such voting but at least it’s a step in the right direction; especially with regard to nuclear war. Even if the author is murdered or missing, this offer is still valid as long as countries don’t abolish laws such as the Pledge of allegiance, Declaration of Independence, and many others one could name. If a leader denies such laws and goals, then that leader will have the alignment of 7 circumstances (Santa Claus, money, Easter, music, silver, math, and verification of the New Testament’s Jesus Christ as Son of God/King of Mankind) culminating into mathematical treachery following their name around forever.

Revelation 5:1 Then I saw a scroll in the right hand of the One seated on the throne. It had writing on both sides and was sealed with seven seals.




Indication of Santa

Presidential Plastic

Money is the so-called root of evil


(Has choice)



(No choice)

Can be used to honor God


Supposedly from the devil

God + JC allowed it to show God’s pure unlimited love


Jesus died when he accepted it to betray gold

Author’s name and family history sometimes indicative of Jesus and/or the Bible through dates, names of multiple key events through history


Author’s name and family history sometimes indicative of evil through dates, names of multiple key events through history


Easter Egg-hunt

Easter Egg-hunt

Easter Egg-hunt

How many cross are in the Holy Trinity and were there on Mt. Calvary when Jesus was crucified? The authors name contains 3 crosses (t’s). How many members of the Bible died after Judas accepted silver to betray Jesus? How many serpents in the New Testament; The Devil and the anti-Christ? The author has 2 S’s in his name

This website authors first name is “Scott” which may be considered the abbreviation for “Santa Clause Or The Crucifixion(t)” as well as “Second Coming Of The Cross(t). the authors last name may be a popular answer to the question “what two letters would you stretch and/or amplify if you had to say ‘Cross of Jesus’ using just 2 letters?”. Also, the authors middle name is 7 characters long which is indicative of the affirmative.

Revelation 19:13 He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.

We now want to leave you with the creation of a small bridge to Einstein’s equation à E=MC2 which so many reason as a means to deny Jesus as the son of God.  (energy=MASS x Speed of light) rewritten as

Everywhere=Mary’sChrist2 as in 2 Christ’s(2 Kings of mankind) or maybe it could stand for Everything=MaryAnneScottSilver x Speed of light. “speed of light” starts with an “S” and ends with a “t”(the first and last). The authors first and last initials(st) are sitting in the center of Einstein’s last name surrounded by the abbreviation for “employee identification number”. The first time Einstein came to America was also the birthday of the author 63 years earlier.