Singularity Between All Life

(A+B)time = TIME reaction


B=environmental influences in the present

TIMEreaction is  a product of time x strength/type of environmental influence toward living DNA

Now, let’s try to show the singularity between conscious life(humans) and non-conscious(plants). We can accomplish this by engaging in the belief that free will doesn’t exist and all there would be is DNA vs environment.

Physical or mental changes that occur from environmental effect(s) which display singularity between conscious and unconscious life. For example, when a healthy plant seedling is provided nourishment such as proper soil, light, and watering, it has no choice but to grow and continue living. Similarly, if a 1day old healthy baby is provided nourishment such as healthy foods in a safe environment, it also has no choice but to grow and continue life. This singularity between conscious human beings and unconscious vegetation can easily be seen in the equation:

[(A) +( B)] Time =Timereaction
[( 1 day old mammalian or vegetative DNA) + (proper nourishment)]time=Growth/continued life

With enough practice, any soul can water their minds with healthy thoughts and improved perceptions. Feed the life you encounter with words of the light through tones of love in order to fulfill your destiny; leave the word better than how you found it”

When you realize that everything you hate and can’t forgive can be seen as products of a reaction between dna and environmental circumstance, you can see a singularity in yourself and everyone else. Then, hopefully you can detach yourself from fixating on thoughts of hatred and fear towards yourself and others. And instead, learn to transform wasted moments into a focus of looking forward to a better life. Building solutions, being as honorable to yourself as possible by engaging in healthy thoughts, choices that serve you without dishonoring God’s system can be challenging sometimes. But it’s always important to try to give God’s creatures respect and honor; sustenance all DNA craves and deserves.

Jesus is love. I would like to invite you to try to help me solve the love equation. Spend some time and think about what (love)time=? Try to attach love to time, honor, peace, your choice, Jesus, and enter a better life.

Try to think for a second what always happens when you feel intense love for something or someone. The tree of love has many branches but 2 of those are that it always leaves you with feelings of gratitude and hope; at least until something comes along and obstructs it. But if you can assume that intense love is always synonymous with such feelings then mathematically you can write it simply as

 “Love = Gratitude + Hope”. There are countless times in a human’s life where they will crave love but instead find despair.  In those moments, as long as it’s safe to do so, be wise to focus on that thing(s) which you are infinitely grateful for and simultaneously hope for something clean. In theory, if (Love=Gratitude + Hope), then stimulating feelings of gratitude and hope through focus, meditation, imagination etc. will help bring your heart closer to being able love more frequently. It may take much practice over long periods but it will help; especially if at least some of your gratitude goes towards God and at least some hope goes towards making God grateful for your existence.