Singularity of Choice

A= All past experience

B= Present tense circumstance

D= living conscious beings DNA

C= calculation/decision(often a chemical/emotional reaction) which aids the beings belief structure in some way for x time

TIMEmotion is a product of time x strength/type of emotional/chemical attachment towards/from a belief(s) or circumstance of reality. Subconscious or secondary choices/actions that take place during a decision. For example, one could say “my DNA need oxygen to live with a reliability of factor of 100% so my TIMEmotion for breathing all the time is 100% while my decision is (C=) to read/learn this and that decision helps my short/long term brain by learning the free will equation.

[(AD +B) =C+n(TIMEmotion)]time=new data imprinted upon the mind for x time with possible/potential emotional attachment→

=[(AD+B)= C+n(TIMEmotion)]time →=new data imprinted upon the mind for x time with possible/potential emotional attachment→=Repeated til death


The present tense can be measured in any timeframe one wants to decide on. One might decide the present tense is a matter of seconds, minutes, a multiple of minutes or a fraction of a second. For example, let’s say a boy exactly 5 year old is making the choice to walk from front door to the car and this journey is 100 paces and this complete journey takes 1 minute to complete. He’s making that choice because he wants to go to school in order to be a good son. One could say that they made the choice to walk to the car from the front door in which case the equation would be

[(A) (D) + B = C + 2(timemotion)] time

[((5 years experience)(DNA of a child)+(100 paces between front door to car)=walking from front door to car+(breathing+ trying oi be a good son]1 minute à new data would be arriving at the car after the 1 minute is complete. During the 1-minute journey, the new data would be the processing of each pace.

But lets say a person made the choice to say that each of the 100 paces is a choice within itself because they claim that as soon as you take a next step, all previous steps have become part of that individuals past experience. Then, the complete journey would be made up of 100 individual choices. That equation would be

[(A) (D) + B = C + 2(Timemotion)]time

[(5 years experience)(DNA of a child)+(distance of 1 pace in a journey of 100 paces)=walking 1 pace+breathing+ trying to be a good son]1/100minute

Effect/perceived effect of choice

Of Learning the singularity equations at this moment

math of christ

Example of the components of the equation at this moment:(AD+B)

  • being x inches tall, y pounds heavy, z time old, requires oxygen,
  • this information being read, oxygen in the room, the possible fact that you have loved ones who cherish you in the future for making the right decisions?
  • Emotional/chemical- could be anything from fearful and hopeless to curious and in love. Chemically dependent upon anything from love, hate, and fear to nicotine, Calories, Oxygen
  • Desire- could be directed at anything from pleasing an entity you respect, and want to make the future a better place to improving the quality and amount of your own self-happiness/pleasure
  • Inner prejudice- ranges from current self-position in reality to the hatred of not having enough information about something or negative beliefs about the self
  • Outer prejudices- range from religionism and racism to seeing people abuse themselves, their potential legacy, and quality of happiness

– What beliefs are you addicted to? What habits? What beliefs should you be addicted to in order to best improve the future and your legacy?