We at mathofchrist.com would like to give you the invitation of all invitations, the offer of all life’s offers, the challenge of all mankind’s challenges. It’s very simple. The prophecy of Christ is currently unfulfilled and if Mary and her son are now verified as God, God’s magic and God’s will can literally be bent if you could only follow these steps:

  • Pray everyday; multiple times a day
  • Ask God if you may join his immediate family
  • Ask God is you may work for the Prophecy of Christ
  • Try to fulfill part or all of the Prophecy of Christ

If you’re non-Christian, we at mathofchrist.com will never ask you to convert. We simply want to put permanent, positive timemotions in your life that God loves you enough to die for you and that Mary of Nazareth and her son love you more than the entire planet combined. The Bible states that only 144,000 will be saved in a population of over 8B and the rest will go to Hell. However, we at mathofchrist.com feel that Jesus doesn’t want to burn 99%+ but rather wants to save 100% of all mankind. We also believe that God wants nothing more than for you to join his immediate family by working to make the world a perfect place for everyone in the name of God’s goodness which is represented through this being’s Holy Mother of God, Mary of Nazareth, and her son, our Lord and Savior, verified King of Mankind, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ evolved faith and human consciousness by teaching new lessons which aimed to help everyone. Therefore, it might be wise to try to evolve your own faith through discovering new lessons which you can pin to God. Please remember, YOU ARE WORTHY ENOUGH, SMART ENOUGH, AND GOOD ENOUGH TO JOIN GOD’S IMMEDIATE FAMILY. If only you owned that belief.