We at Math of Christ are trying to form a company which sells a new product dedicated to Jesus Christ. The new product is a piece of wrapping plastic with pockets covering it and each of those pockets has dimensions equal to the size of a dollar bill. In each pocket, one places a dollar bill which enables people to wrap gifts with real cash. The profits from the company will fund a competition known as the “honoring decency contest in remembrance of Jesus Christ” where people will submit stories of doing honorable decent stuff and win prizes for doing so. This way Jesus gets associated with honor, decency, gift-giving, math, and money, and has an evolutionary advantage. Unfortunately, we do not have the money to fund such a company. Thus, if you like and want to support this plan, please donate. Just remember, the devil wants you to hate your world and yourself for silly reasons. Jesus Christ wants you to love yourself, your world, and your future, put hatred down, and forgive.